Full text draft (ENG)

Project | 01 'Turntable'
HE's an artist. SHE's an opera house prompter. The Cat Lady is well... an Old Cat Lady. There's also HIS Ex-Girlfriend, HIS jelous, little bitch of a Best Friend, other tenants of HER flat, the building's owner 'Landlord', a corrupt Fire Inspector, etc. 
HE's dumped by his girlfriend for being useless and has to spend the night on the floor of the coffee shop he works in.
SHE's daydreamed about HIM from afar for some time. And when HE finds an opera score, SHE's left behind in the shop, SHE talks to HIM for the first time and offers to rent out to HIM a room in HER appartament upstairs.
HIS Friend is dissapointed that now, having accepted HER offer, HE doesn't need his help all that much.
The Landlord is pieveded that SHE and HER neigbour the Cat Lady are standing in the way of him profiteering from selling the whole building in the gentrifying neigbourhood. He bitches about it to the Fire Inspector, who gets subsequently terrorized by the Cat Lady's cats.
The Landlord harrasses HER and HER tenants with restrictions and fines. HE reasures HER. 
HIS Ex-Girlfriend comes to return some of HIS stuff. She wants HIM back and HIS Friend promises to help her.
HIS Friend is jelous of the fact that HE is willing to go out of HIS carefully guarded comfort zone to help HER. He plots against THEM successfully cousing a rift in THEIR relationship.
There's a fire in the building as a result of the Landlord's neglect. SHE saves Cat Lady's pets instead of HER old turntable and rare LPs collection. Everybody panicks after they realise that HE hasn't left the appartament and SHE tries to run into the burning building to save him, but just then HE emerges with HER turntable and LPs.
Project | 02 'Дама с собачкой' 

Well, it's based on one of the most famous Anton Chekhov's short stories "The Lady with the Little Dog", though I did add some bits and pieces to turn a short story into the opera.

My draft (RUS)

Full text draft (ENG)

Project | 03 'Air' (a short opera)

Airport terminal. People are waiting for their flights. Two people like each other but are too anxious to approach. They keep worrying, going back and forth inside their heads, wallowing in their respective doubts. In the end faith puts them together on the plane seats next to each other.

Librettist’s note: I initially had a much longer, bigger, so to speak, piece in mind… With a poignant intermezzo halfway through and a conductor pulling a straw to determine which of three finales the performance would get – a plane crash or the characters never get together and go their separate ways, or fall in love. Something along those lines. But it seems that the only real demand of any kind there is, is for the much smaller, simpler, 10 or 20 minutes pieces. This can go either way with some adjustments. Feel free to ask! I’m not sure what I envision in terms of the soloists’ voices but definitely some polyphony please for the collective bits! Anxiety of loneliness and its resolution or at least a path towards it appears to be the theme.

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