I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia when it still was Leningrad, USSR. I went to an arts school, not a music one, so the only thing I can really do in terms of making non-speaking sounds is sing some WW2 themed songs. I am happy to help send any residual Nazi ghosts you might have hanging around packing!


As a teenager I was regularly taken, and happy to go, to the classical music concerts and ballet performances by my mum, my best friend's mum (a music teacher) or my literature teacher. My first opera was Prokofiev's Betrothal in a Monastery. I wasn't particularly impressed but something compelled me to keep coming back for more. And so I went from time to time as an adult.


I cannot pinpoint the exact moment in space-time when or where that casual bewilderment became something more, turning into real passion! Yet here I am - an opera fan through and through. For me opera is the feast of the soul and has the potential to tap into the deepest emotional depths. As an art form, Opera fascinates me like nothing else!


I've been a storyteller as long as I can remember, always coming up with plots for fantastic role-playing games as a child, as a teen, writing poetry, and fan-fiction and finally graduating to original fiction in my twenties. I studied myth and narrative structures from school to university, and have taught academic writing. I'm currently earning my living teaching English and have been writing libretti for some time now.


Stories for music buzz about in my head, choke my throat from the inside and squeeze my heart into the tightest of knots. I feel the need to let them go, to share them. Come, judge for yourself, enjoy, and maybe- just maybe - participate in my madness!


Passion for the craft

Endless imagination

Ability to adjust




Обо мне